About Al Seedawi

1959 The Beginning of a Dream Destined for Leadership

It all started with an idea planted by Kuwaiti hands.

 The first chapter began with one of today’s leading industrial and commercial institutions.

We continue to enhance our operational capabilities, entering a new era of leadership and expansion.


Operational Excellence

The organization works on adopting and developing the latest technologies in order to provide high-quality products at prices that suit all community needs.

Production Excellence

Utilizing state of the art technologies that guarantee the consistent production of exceptionally high-quality products.

Taste of Excellence

Each product is perfectly designed and crafted to meet our consumer expectations.

Mr. Abdullah Mohammed Al-Buaijan

Chairman of the Board

For over sixty years, we have worked to build Al Seedawi as a leading Kuwaiti brand in the food industry. Today, we look to the future with optimism and confidence, determined to continue our journey towards leadership and excellence. We strive for our innovative products to become the first choice for customers everywhere.

About Al Seedawi

A world full of taste and wonderful flavors, offering the most delicious high-quality products with high nutritional value that our esteemed customers deserve.

Our Promise

We are here to provide you with an exceptional experience, committed to producing high-quality products using the best natural ingredients.
Our promise to you is that we will always take pride in every product we offer, so you can also present a distinguished product to your customers.
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